Aims of Play Leaders/ Referees

At Lawefield Primary School, we encourage children to develop as individuals.
One of the ways we encourage this is for all Year 5 children to take part in the Junior Sports Leader award so that they can become
leaders in Year 6.  The scheme promotes children’s well-being, abilities, social skills and team work.
It encourages the older children to organize games for the younger children, it promotes the children’s organization,
communication and responsibility skills and most importantly they all have fun!  They meet on a regular basis
with Mrs Emmitt-Bowers to discuss new games and play equipment and questions that the children want to ask.

The referees support at playtimes with the KS2 sports that take place on the MUGA. They have been
trained in RESOLVE if any problems arise and also help to develop the rules and skills of the games to the other KS2 children.

The play leaders thrive on leading games for the children in KS1 and seeing smiles on the face of other children as a result of this.
They enjoy delivering games such as dodgeball and netball, which also benefit the children developing their team working
skills and the basic skills of the sporting activity.


P.E. Monitors

At Lawefield children take P.E. very seriously and our P.E. monitors are an excellent example of this.
These children work with other children to ask them what types of sports that they would like to take part in during lunchtimes.
They also help to promote after school clubs to the children within their classes. Our P.E. monitors take their roles very seriously
by ensuring that all equipment that is used within their P.E. sessions is placed back in the P.E. cupboards correctly and ensuring that it is always tidy.