Covid Related Closure

In the event of your child being off school for COVID reasons (isolating due to having COVID or isolating due to parents having COVID) school still have a duty to provide remote education for your child/children and parents have a duty to ensure their child/children continue to access learning.

With that said, we will be continuing to use our Microsoft Teams platform to upload work for your child/children to complete but we will no longer be uploading videos of the teacher input.  Instead, we will live stream the lessons to Teams so that children can still feel part of the class and get the same teaching as all the other children within the class.

If your child is off school they will be expected to log onto Teams at 9am every morning ready to start their day of learning with the rest of the class.

Please find the instructions below.

  • Log onto a laptop/ tablet.
  • Log onto Microsoft Teams (if you haven’t got a login or you have forgotten please contact the school office and they will be happy to help).
  • Ensure your child is logged on by 9am to begin learning with the rest of the class.
  • Your child’s teacher will then call your child via the Teams platform at 9am.
  • Your child will need to click the ‘Accept’ button followed by the ‘Join now’ button.
  • Your child will then be able to listen and join in the lessons with the rest of the class.
  • Worksheets will be uploaded onto the Teams area under assignments.  These will need completing by your child as soon as they have listened to the input from the teacher.  The teacher will direct your child to the correct work after they have delivered the input.

If your child is absent from school due to COVID reasons and you have no access to a device (laptop/tablet) then please contact school and we will arrange for a member of staff to drop one off at your house.

In case of a bubble closure or national lockdown due to Covid, please refer to the following document regarding remote education.



Snow Day Closure

In the event of a snow day we will upload work and lesson videos on to Microsoft Teams and ask students to complete work on that platform as well as the other ones above.  On snow days we will not be able to deliver tablets/Chromebooks to students.