Year 6 - North York Moors

Year 6 visited the North York Moors National Park where they were able to use their map-reading skills to help navigate the circular routes.
They also had the opportunity to use GPS (Global Positioning  System) devices to locate certain items around the visitor centre.
This is called ‘geocaching’.




Year 4 - Ancient Greek Workshop

Year 4 had a fantastic day taking part in an Ancient Greek workshop.
They completed some of Archimedes' shape puzzles, played an Ancient Greek board game, learned lots about Spartan weapons and took part in a mini Ancient Olympics.









Year 4 made some fantastic Greek recipes as part of their DT unit.
The children taste tested Greek salad ingredients and then adapted a Greek salad recipe to include their favourite ingredients.  How delicious!






Year 2 - Royal Armouries & Sandal Castle

In Year 2, the children visited the Royal Armouries and Sandal Castle which helped to support them in their History topic, Castles and Battles, in particular looking at the Battle of Wakefield. While at the Royal Armouries, the children could see how armour has changed over the years and which typical weapons they would use during a battle.
The children then visited Sandal Castle and had time to explore the ruins.
This was very beneficial for the children, as they had learned that the Battle of Wakefield happened at Sandal Castle in 1460.
The children were identifying the different features of Sandal Castle from what was left over.  The children ran around the moat and the bailey and identified the keep.




Reception activity

This half term Reception have been learning about Amazing Animals and have been finding out about different animals, their characteristics and their habitats.
We found out about the rainforests and learnt to name the animals that live there.
We also learnt about ocean animals and animals from the Arctic and the Antarctic. We enjoyed finding these places on the map and comparing them to where we live.
The poem we learnt is called Walking in the Jungle and it includes lots of the animals and places we have learnt about along with some of the new vocabulary we have been using in our play.


Year 6 - London

Year 6 had a great time visiting London.
They sailed on a river cruise, took a flight on the London Eye and watched the stage show Matilda in the West End.
After an overnight stay they then visited the Natural History Museum and took part in activities at The Science Museum.










Year 5 - Bradford Media Museum

Year 5 visited Bradford Media Museum as part of our learning about Earth, Moon and Space in Science.


We learned how each planet has different colours that helps us identify which gasses are on that planet as each gas burns a different colour.

Using a hairdryer and a ball to demonstrate the moon landing.


We also explored other areas of science such as infrared and learned which colours showed cold, warm and hot; our hearing range; and the use of time delays on photos.


Year 6 - North York Moors National Park

Year 6 visited the North York Moors as part of our National Parks Topic in Geography. Unfortunately, the weather was a complete wash-out (it rained all day) but we learnt about the impact of tourism on the local area, identified and classified some animals and even got to hold some animals native to the moors that had been taxidermized!  







Amazing Authors – Ted Hughes

As part of our Amazing Authors topic, Year 4 visited Mytholmroyd, the birthplace of former Poet Laureate, Ted Hughes.
We had a photo taken in front of this giant mural of the Iron Man based on Hughes’s’ famous book The Iron Man which we have been reading in class.  It was very impressive!
Using our mapping skills, we followed the Ted Hughes Trail and saw where he was born.
We also used our geographical knowledge and skills to identify some of the human and physical features of Mytholmroyd such as the River Don and the canal and tested the water flow of the canal.

The Iron Man came to the top of the cliff.
How far had he walked?  Nobody knows.
Where did he come from?  Nobody
How was he made?  Nobody knows.
Taller than a house, the Iron Man stood at the top of the cliff, on the very brink, in the darkness.


         Ted Hughes’s former home                            Some pensive looks across the canal!


Reception - Dentist Visit

Reception have been learning about people who help us in our community.
After learning about how to take care for our teeth we were lucky enough to have a visit from a local dentist and dental nurse.
They visited each class and told us about how they help to keep our teeth and gums healthy.

We learnt the words tooth, gum, cavity and plaque and then took part in lots of activities, with the dentist, to help us remember the new vocabulary.
We learnt that we need to brush our teeth for 2 minutes twice a day and need to eat lots of healthy food and avoid sugar.





Reception - Zoolab

Reception learnt about Africa through the story Handa's Surprise.
They learnt about some similarities and differences between England and Kenya and loved a visit from Zoolab
who brought in some African minibeasts such as an African land snail, snake and giant millipede.
All the children were keen to hold and touch the animals showing just how brave they are!




Lawefield's Got Talent

We had an amazing day watching the acts in our talent shows.  All the children who took part should be proud of what they achieved today.
The judges found it very hard to pick the winners from both key stages, but they had to choose!
Congratulations to all.



Key Stage 2

and the Key Stage 2 winners were...

Key Stage 1

and the Key Stage 1 winners were...


To be or not to be...

As part of their 'Amazing Authors' topic and Shakespeare Week, Year 6 spent the afternoon at Wakefield Library meeting some infamous Shakesperean characters. They met the witches from Macbeth, King Lear, Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet. They also learned how Shakespeare used the weather as a metaphor to create different moods in his plays. It was a joy to see Year 6 so enraptured and enthusiastic, and to see how much knowledge they have about Shakespeare, especially Macbeth. They were brilliant! 



Robinwood January 2023

Year 4 and Year 5 have had a great time at Robinwood.
The weather wasn't at all kind to us but the children showed true resilience and thoroughly enjoyed their experience.
The Robinwood staff commented on their excellent behaviour and they were fabulous ambassadors for Lawefield.
Well done to all.







Wakefield Commonwealth Games Legacy Event 2022

Some of our pupils visited Thornes Park recently for the Wakefield Commonwealth Games Legacy Event 2022 with other schools.
The emphasis was on trying a sport they might not have tried before so they had a chance to try cricket, triathlon, badminton, bowls and squash.
James Willstrop (a Commonwealth Games gold medal winner in squash) was there  to show the kids how to play and give them some tips.
Two of our children were interviewed by Tanya Arnold for BBC Look North who asked for their thoughts about squash.
Well done to everyone who took part. 





Reception - Amazing Animals!

Reception have been learning about Amazing Animals.
We have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, have enjoyed watching the caterpillars grow
and change and today we let our butterflies go in our garden area.
We have been finding out about where different animals live and have then used this in our play to build rainforests,
hunt for bugs, sort animals and draw pictures.






Questions and Answers with Amazing Author - Sophie Anderson

Year 6 were lucky to have children’s writer Sophie Anderson, author of one of their class books, The House with Chicken Legs, zoom in for a question and answer session.
They asked lots of brilliant questions and found out lots of information about Sophie’s life as an author.
Sophie asked the children for book recommendations and also recommended some fantastic books for the children to read.

Thank you Sophie!




Reception Class - Visit from a Vet

Reception have been learning about People Who Help Us and enjoyed a visit from a real vet!
She brought along her dog, Maggie, and told us all about how she looks
after animals and even showed us how she would bandage a broken leg. 



World Book Day 2022

The children and staff had a great day in school celebrating World Book Day through doing a range of activities.
KS2 children have enjoyed visits to Waterstones book store where they enjoyed a treasure hunt and choosing a new book.
Well done to all the children who made a potato book character at home – they are amazing!!









...and here are our winners!





Robinwood January 2022

Years 5 and Year 6 had a great time at Robinwood in Wrexham in January.

They challenged themselves on the activities and we were extremely proud of their achievements.
They showed tremendous resilience when things were out of their comfort zone and supported each other to succeed.
Alongside all of that, they had great fun and were a pleasure to be with!






Rock Star Day

We had a fabulous day in school where we relaunched TTRockstars with the children.

They enjoyed dressing up and taking part in lots of times tables activities.
We also invited Rock Steady who performed for the children and ran music workshops.  It was a great day.
Keep on rocking and times tabling!








COP26 - Climate Action Rally

A group of Lawefield children took part in a climate action rally outside Wakefield Cathedral welcoming 12 activists travelling by foot from Spain through Wakefield on their way to a key climate change summit in Glasgow.


Year 2 trip to Sandal Castle - October 2021

Year 2 visited Sandal Castle for our Castles and Battles topic.  We have learnt all about the Battle of Wakefield and Richard, the Duke of York. 

We even ran in the deep moat. 

We spotted the Keep and had to walk up lots of steps to get to the top!

We explored the ruins and spotted which features are still visible. We had a guess at which parts of the castle were left.

Sandal Castle was first built with timber, but was later re-built-in stone. This is why some of the ruins are still visible today.