Coronation Lunch

We all had a great time celebrating the King's Coronation




Reception Celebrated the Coronation

Reception have been learning about the Coronation of King Charles.
We learnt all about King Charles and what will happen at the coronation.
We learnt the words crown, Union Jack, robe, orb and sceptre and then acted out the coronation as a class.
We then activated the new vocabulary in the continuous provision by decorating crowns, replicating the Union Jack and building castles.



Girls Football Tournament

A huge congratulations to our Year 4, 5 and 6 girls football team who competed in the football tournament and WON!

Boys Football Tournament 

A big well done to the year 5 and 6 football team that competing in the football tournament and WON! 

Year 6 Football 


A big well done to our year 6 football team who competed against 5 other schools in our pyramid and WON!

This was the 1st tournament we’ve been able to attend for the past 2 years and they brought the trophy home! WELL DONE we are so proud of you all.


Halloween Celebration





Harvest Festival


The Community Awareness programme (CAP) were over joyed with all the lovely donations they received from our harvest festival.  The food is already making its way around the Wakefield district helping the needy.  If you’d like to further support this cause please click on the picture below for more information.