Lawefield Primary School - Staffing Structure and Areas of Responsibility


Miss J. Beetham Headteacher (Safeguarding, Curriculum, Premises, Staffing, Finance, Community & Extended Schools, PSHCE)

Mrs C. Tomlinson Deputy Headteacher (Special Needs, Assessment, Educational Visits, Curriculum, Literacy, Teacher Cover and MFL)

Miss L. Bannister Year 6 - (Arts & D.T. Subject Leader)

Mr T. Rawlings Year 5 (Computing Subject Leader)

Miss E. Steele Year 4 (P.E. Subject Leader Joint)

Miss L Emmitt Year 3 (Humanities Subject Leader)

Mr D Callaghan Year 2 (Supply Cover)

Miss S Jackson Year 1/2 Temporary for 1 year (Art & D.T. Subject Joint Leader)

Miss A Newton Year 1/2 (Music)

Mrs K. Alderson Reception (TLR Post – Early Years Manager)

Mrs S Buttle Reception Part time 4 days a week (Science Subject Leader)

Mrs E. Haskins Nursery (On maternity leave until Summer Term)

Miss J Bailes Nursery to cover maternity. (P.E. Subject Leader Joint)

Mrs R. Wolff Reception/KS1 Part time 12.15 hours a week

Mrs P. Lister PPA Cover - 3 x half days per week

Other Staff

Miss N. White Nursery Nurse - Nursery

Mrs J. Hornshaw Nursery Nurse – Reception part time 3 days per week

Mrs Z. Ashraf Teaching Assistant - Reception/KS1 part time 3 days per week

Mrs K. Richardson Teaching Assistant – Reception

Mrs J. Brereton Special Needs Teaching Assistant Year 4 part time 4 days per week - Temporary Contract

Mrs P. Bowler Teaching Assistant – Year 2

Mrs S. Bi Teaching Assistant - Year 1

Mrs R. Yaseen Teaching Assistant Year 3

Miss A. Zamurad Teaching Assistant Years 1 and 2 and Reception Part Time 3 days per week

Miss E. Garbett Teaching Assistant - Year 5

Mrs L. Porritt Teaching Assistant - Year 1/2

Mrs E. Wood Senior Supervisory Assistant and Special Needs Teaching Assistant Year 6 - Temporary Contract

Mrs K. Sankar Raj Teaching Assistant - Year 6

Mrs M. Van Den Bosch Business Manager

Mrs S Khan Learning Mentor

Mr J Emmitt Temporary Caretaker

Mrs D. Wilson Office Manager

Mrs A. Wilson Administrative Officer

Our cleaning staff are Mrs L. Stevenson, Miss L Parkin, Mrs F Khan, Mrs Szczepankiewics, Mrs Tarbaj and Mrs M Jalloh.

Our Lunchtime Supervisors are Mrs Wood, Mrs B Tazreen, Mrs L. Taylor, Mrs M Mchich, Mrs W Ateeq, Mrs A. Willn Miss A Zamurad, Mrs M Davies, and Mrs K Mellin

The school’s kitchen staff are Mrs H Walker, Mrs T. Lindop and Mrs T. Rente.