School Council

Meet our School Councillors

School Councillors Responsibilities

  • To be an exemplar of excellence for Lawefield Primary School.
  • To attend meetings and be on time. If we can’t attend then we will send apologies in advance.
  • To work together as a team, ensuring co-operation and communication.
  • To carry out our role with maturity and to support one another.
  • To discuss any ideas / issues from the school council meetings with our class, ensuring we note down information.
  • To inform the school council, in meetings, of our class’s views and opinions.
  • To organise and lead meetings with other adults, e.g. Governors, as well as assemblies to inform the adults / school of our actions and achievements.
  • To develop our leadership skills.

Aims of our School Council

  • Always be in the role of school councillor, following the code of conduct and responsibilities.
  • Make our school a better place – children feel happy, safe and confident, enjoying their learning and progressing.
  • Help each other to work together (in school council and in school) and look out for one another.
  • Organise and lead whole school events.
  • Discuss ideas and issues with our class, seeking and listening to their opinions and thoughts – valuing them all.
  • Share our work as a school council with others – class council time, display, assemblies, invite children / staff / governors to meetings.

Photos of Events

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Our School Council have been involved in trying to prevent dangerous parking around our school...