The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)                         The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
                                                                     is Miss J. Beetham, Headteacher                                          is Mrs S. Khan, Learning Mentor


Lawefield Primary School takes the responsibility of working with other agencies to ensure that all of our children are safe from harm very seriously.  If Miss Beetham is unavailable then Mrs Khan takes on this responsibility.

Further information on safeguarding children can be found in the documents below:

Safeguarding Policy

Working Together to Safeguard Children

Keeping Children Safe in Education

The governors with safeguarding responsibility are:


Mrs J. Moyser                                                                                   Mr D. Cope   



As children and young people in Wakefield, we want all of the adults in our community to help us to be safe and protected.

If we have a problem or need your help, we expect that, as adults, you will:

  • do your best to help us be safe;
  • when there are choices about what can be done consider our opinions and respect our wishes;
  • always be ready to listen to us and speak with us;
  • value us and always involve us;
  • treat us with care and respect;
  • be clear about how things work and what we should expect to happen;
  • take what we say seriously;
  • involve the right people, at the right time, when we need it;
  • look after our information and take care how you use it; and
  • get to know us and understand our lives.

This has been taken from the Wakefield Young People Charter, you can view the document here.




More information on safeguarding can be found on the links below:


If you are concerned about the safety of a pupil in school or at home, please telephone the school on 01924 291973 and ask for one of the Senior Safeguarding Team which is:

You can also contact Social Care Direct on 0345 850 3503.

Information regarding e-safety can be found here.