Green Week

The Eco-school councillors have been meeting all year to decide how we can improve our school and help the environment. They have decided to hold a green week in order to teach green issues in a fun way.

Monday 30th June – Green week starts. The children will learn about insects, litter, recycling and Le Tour De France.

On Thursday 3rd July- It is our summer fair. Each class will have a stall to sell items they have made in green week. The money we raise will go towards improving our school playground.

Wish List

We need lots of things for Green Week. If you have any of these items, please send them in to school with your child as soon as possible.

  1. Tetra pack juice cartons- see picture.
  2. cans
  3. magazines
  4. Scraps of material
  5. Old bike wheels and bike parts
  6. Pretty paper
  7. Children’s welly boots, old boots, tea pot, jugs, cups and saucers.
  8. Small ceramic tiles


On Thursday 3rd July- Please can the children come dressed in Green, Yellow (Tour de France), as an insect, plant or flower. Any costumes made out of recycled materials will get bonus points!!

Thank you

The Eco-School Councillors, Mrs Haskins and Miss Jacobs