All children of compulsory age are to follow a National Curriculum. This consists of English, Maths and Science, along with Religious Education, Design Technology (DT), History, Geography, Art, Music, Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship (PSHE), Computing and Physical Education.

Children have to be assessed at the end of Key Stages 1, 2 and 4 at the ages of 7, 11 and 16.

There must be a daily act of collective worship provided for all children whose parents do not ask specifically for them to be withdrawn. Parents may withdraw their daughter/son wholly or partly from Religious Education or Collective Worship. In such cases, written application must be made to the Headteacher.

The curriculum of a school is all the teaching and learning which takes place in school.

The curriculum will be common to all schools as children have to study –

a)  National Curriculum

b)  Religious Education

Further information regarding the curriculum can be obtained by making a request to the class teacher.

Religious Education

The basic teaching within the school is non-denominational. Pupils learn about the life of Christ and the story of Christianity, with particular examples of those who have achieved much by being true to their faith. We also help to give an understanding of the main world religions to prepare children for life in a multi-racial society.  Emphasis is given to the development of a tolerant and appreciative attitude towards one another and our assemblies play an important part in this.

The school follows the Authority’s Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education.


The school sends parents guidance about the school’s procedures and suggestions about the ways in which parents can support this process.

Physical Education

We hope to develop control and understanding of safety principles and a fair sense of play.  All children are expected to take in P.E. and Games lessons.  If a child is unable to take part in a lesson due to illness or injury, a note from the parent is required indicating the specific reason. Longer periods of exemption require a medical note from the doctor.

Children do most indoor P.E. in bare feet.  Where children have certain medical conditions, pumps may be worn.