Year 5 online lesson videos

Home learning for Tuesday 12th January 2021


Today in English we are going to be writing our introduction for our wizard school's advertisement. Watch the video and then write your own introduction using the template set for you on purple mash. 

Remember to:


Include all of the features you have learnt in lessons. 

Make sure you include rhetorical questions as that is our focus. 

Use a range of sentence openers. 

Read through your work and ensure it makes sense! 


 Today in Maths we are moving onto translating shapes. Watch the video and then complete the task set for you on purple mash. The LBQ code for today is dvy



Today in DT we will be doing some origami. 
Watch the video and have a go at making your own origami cygnet. 

When you have completed this challenge yourself and have a go at making a butterfly.


TT Rockstars practise: 

Spend at least 20 minutes practising on TT rockstars and see if you can beat your own personal best score. 

Home learning for Monday 11th January 2021



Today in English we are going to be applying some of the persuasive techniques that we have identified in previous lessons. 

Watch the video to see how to do it. 

The task has been set on Purple Mash for you.


In maths last week you learnt how to read and plot co-ordinates and how to reflect shapes across a mirror line. Here is a reminder

Today, we are going to learn how to reflect with co-ordinates.

Watch the video below first which shows you how to reflect with co-ordinates.

Your task is to complete the activity on LBQ. Your code for today is: fqr

Then, there is an extra activity on Purple Mash for you to complete too. 

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Lat week we started our new topic – Natural Disasters. You have already looked at the structure of the Earth and its different layers.

Today we are going to be learning about volcanoes.

Watch the video below before you do the activity. The activity has been set on Purple Mash for you.

Part way through the video, I will ask you to pause and watch a video on the internet about volcanoes. The link you need for this video is here:


Home learning for Friday 8th January 2021


We have been learning how to plot co-ordinates over the last couple of days so by now you should be feeling quite confident with how to read and plot co-ordinates. Today we are moving on to reflecting shapes.

Reflecting shapes is when we flip a shape over a mirror line to create two identical mirror images.

First watch the video to recap co-ordinates and to learn how to reflect shapes on a mirror line.

Then, complete the activity on LBQ. To access the activity, visit the LBQ website here - the code for today is bsr

After this, you can complete the sheet from Purple Mash. If you have a printer, you can download the sheet, print it off and practise reflecting shapes on paper then take a photo and send it back to us. If not, you can edit the document on word by going to ‘insert’, ‘shape’ and insert lines to reflect the shapes on the sheet. Don’t worry if you can’t access this activity as long as you do the LBQ one.

Today, we would usually be completing our Big Maths challenges. Since we can’t do this right now, we would like to practise your times tables with either TT Rockstars or the game ‘Hit the Button’.

Click this link to take you to the game then choose the times tables you want to work on. Try to beat your score a few times.


Today in English we are looking at a range of tier 2 adjectives which we can use in our own writing. Using these and the features that you identified yesterday you will need to write your own sentences about your own wizard school. 

Before writing your own sentences, watch the video to see how to do it. 

The task has been set on Purple Mash for you.



In science we are learning about our new topic, 'Earth and Space'. Watch the video and then complete the PEE chain activity on how you know Spherical Earth Theory is correct.


Remember for the PEE chain you need to make your point, give your evidence and then explain why your evidence proves the point you have made. 


The task has been set on Purple Mash for you. 

Home learning for Thursday 7th January 2021


Yesterday you learnt how to plot co-ordinates on a grid (don’t forget the brackets!).

Today we are going to revisit this learning to ensure you are all 100% confident with plotting co-ordinates before we can move on.  


First, you need to re-watch the video from yesterday (scroll down to find it).


Top tips for plotting co-ordinates:

-Read along the x-axis first (the bottom line)

-Then read up the y-axis

-For example, in the co-ordinate (5,2) you locate where 5 is along the x-axis and move up the y-axis to find 2. This is where the co-ordinate would be placed. Like this:


An activity has been set on LBQ for you. To access the activity, visit the LBQ website here

Click on where it says ‘connect as a pupil’ and the code you will need to access this learning is: mai



Today in English you will be identifying the structural and language features of the advert you read yesterday.

Firstly, watch the video which will show you how to find and colour code all of the features correctly. Once you have watched the video, complete the ‘2-do’ on Purple Mash labelled 7.1.21 English.


In class, we have been making these beautiful sun/moon pictures.


Watch the video below to see how to make them.

You will need:

-plain paper

- a sharp pencil

-something circular to draw round

-coloured pens/pencils/crayons/paint or whatever you want to use to add some colour!


In PE today, we are going to focus on keeping fit. Maybe you could spend 1 hour outdoors getting some exercise. This could include running a short distance between two objects and asking an adult to time you or see how long you can run for without stopping. Can you improve your time?

If you can’t get outside, Joe Wicks is back with his PE lessons! Maybe you could follow one of these online?

Here is the link to some of his YouTube videos:

Home learning for Wednesday 6th January 2021


In maths, we are starting to learn about coordinates.

First, watch the video below about coordinates.

Then, complete the two tasks (Coordinates 1 and Coordinates 2) on Purple Mash that have been set for you.



In English today we are reading a short advertisement about a wizard school. The work has been set on Purple Mash for you. Read the text and answer the questions as normal. 


If you are unsure of any meanings of words, use your knowledge to help you.

Is there a suffix/prefix that might help you?

Could you replace the word with a synonym?

Read around the word - are there any clues for what it might mean?


Some words we think you might need help with:

-budding: if you are in the middle of trying to learn something/developing new skills

-tutelage: sounds like a word I already know (tuition)

-manoeuvres: sounds like a word I already know (move/movement)


In topic we are going to be learning about natural disasters on Earth. For the first lesson, we will look at the structure of the Earth.

First, watch this video: 

Then, go through the PowerPoint on Purple Mash before completing the activity sheet (also on Purple Mash) by using the internet to research and make notes on the 4 different layers of Earth.