Year 6KM online lesson videos


 Tuesday 12th January

Hello Year 6

Tasks to be completed today:

Maths – WALT: Recognise all four quadrants on a grid

1)Complete task 1 on LBQ called ‘MATHS STARTER’. Your code is ‘hkg’

2) We are continuing the objective from yesterday. Please watch this clip to remind you of how to read coordinates in all four quadrants  Then complete the task on PurpleMash.

3) If you want to continue practising this skill, then Google ‘Topmarks coordinates’ and click the first link (you do not need to evidence this).

3) Please complete at least 10 minutes of TTRockstars at some point today. Remember there is a Battle of the Bands challenge between 6ES and 6KM!

English – WALT: Write the introduction of our balanced argument.

FOCUS: sentence starters, syntax and rhetorical question

  1. Watch the video of Miss Steele writing the introduction paragraph of her balanced argument.
  2. Download the ‘to do’ from purple mash and write your introduction to your balanced argument using your plan from yesterday. Remember to keep rereading your work aloud and ensuring the sentences make sense. Have you used the best vocabulary choices you can? Have you used the correct punctuation in the correct places? Have you used tier 2 vocabulary?
  3. Either upload the word document or take a photo of your written work and upload it.

Class Book

Please watch the video of Miss Newton reading Chapter 1 of our class book.


Complete the Joe Wicks workout below. Can you keep active for the whole half an hour?

Visit the PE Passport website and watch the plank challenge video. Have a go at completing the challenge and see how long you can hold the plank for. Can you challenge other members of your household? What can you do to improve your time?