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Lawefield Primary School

Achievement through learning

2012/2013 Pupil Premium Money

The school received £33,500 in Pupil Premium funding.  This money contributed towards us maintaining all the following strategies and interventions:


1) Maintaining Provision

  • We continued to employ 3 full-time staff in Nursery for 26 children (which is 1 more adult than we were legally required to do);
  • we continued to spend significantly more than the EMAG on staffing and employ 3 bi-lingual staff;
  • we continued to provide a daily Newly Arrived Class for 25 minutes for children in Years 1 to 6;
  • we continued to provide a Year 2 Boys’ writing group on 4 afternoons each week; and
  • we continued to employ a full-time Learning Mentor despite not receiving any funding towards this position.


2) Additional Provision

  • We created 2 new Teaching Assistant positions to provide booster sessions in Years 1 to 6 (each position was for 1 morning and 5 afternoons each week or, combined together, an additional 30 hours of provision);
  • additional hours were given to 4 Teaching Assistants to ensure that all had full-time hours (these staff worked in Reception, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.




Impact of interventions on pupil performance:

  • In 2012-13, the average progress made by children eligible for Pupil Premium funding in Years 1 to 6 was 2.04 sub-levels or 4.08 points.  This was in line with the average progress of all children in school which was 2.06 sub-levels or 4.12 points.  This means that good progress was made by children at our school, with or without Pupil Premium eligibility and there is no gap in progress between these groups of pupils.
  • 77% of the children eligible for Pupil Premium funding in Year 6 achieved Level 4 or above in Reading, Writing and Maths in the Key Stage 2 SATs in May 2013.  This compares to a figure of 70% for all children in this cohort.  This shows that our Year 6 children eligible for Pupil Premium attained at a high level that compared favourably with their class as a whole.


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